A Summer of Changes, A Summer of Learning

Posted on April 20, 2015 By

Over the next few months, there will be a lot of changes around my practice.
First off, I’m moving.  That means that my schedule will tighten up a bit until we’re settled in our new location (even though it’s only three miles away, the transition still takes time).  Its worth booking ahead, since I’ll have fewer last minute appointments available.
(217) 220-7673.

In addition — I’ll be taking several classes in CranioSacral Therapy, Unwinding Meridians, Unwinding Fascia, and other modalities.  I’ll keep you posted about my class schedule here. Why do you care? — Because after each class, I’ll be offering a limited number of discounts on the modality I’ve just expanded – to allow you to try new things, and to allow me to fully integrate the work before I charge full price.  I’ll offer sign ups for the first session (which will be free).  As I integrate the work into my regular sessions, I’ll start by giving half a session of new stuff at no charge, which means that if you book a session soon after one of my classes, you’ll get a full session, but pay for half.

First Session – What I’m calling Unwinding the Fascia.
On April 25, I’ll be learning new techniques, and deepening my understanding of techniques I already use, to help your body release restrictions that are inhibiting movement and/or causing pain.  I will be offering a few discounted sessions during the following week.

In May, I will be taking a course that combines CraniSacral Therapy with the underlying principles of Acupuncture.  This will be my second workshop with this techniques.  I’ll post about the discounted and free session sign ups as that day gets closer.

In July, I’ll be taking another workshop in CranioSacral Therapy that focuses on the ways in which our bodies hold emotions — and how those emotions restrict the body, as well as ways to help the body release that held energy.  Once again, I’ll post about the discounted and free sessions as that date gets closer.