How Do You Treat Your Body?

Posted on July 17, 2013 By

The way we treat ourselves has a lot to do with how we feel.  And that applies not only to whether we feel achy and sore or spry and comfortable; it also applies to whether we feel stressed or at ease, healthy or sick, tired or energetic ….  good or … well… less than our best.

Sure, some of that is in things like whether we tell ourselves we’re effective or incompetent.  And some of that is in how we treat our bodies … what we feed ourselves … whether we exercise … how much sleep we get … what we do preventively.  After all, our minds and bodies really are connected.  When you’re depressed, your body hurts.  And when your body hurts all the time, its easy to get depressed.

So, how do you treat YOUR body? Do you treat your body like a gardener? or a mechanic?

If all you do is “change the oil” quarterly and fix things that are broken, you’re cheating yourself out of the best of yourself.  Sure, our bodies run pretty well on their own.  And sure, if you get your annual physical check up (change the oil), you’re likely to be mostly okay until something breaks down.  But things do break down.  Especially if we don’t maintain them.

Why wait to get massage or bodywork until you’re in so much pain you can’t do what you love?

On the other hand, if you treat your body like a gardener, and do a little weeding more regularly, the garden that is your body will bloom.

One way to treat your body like a gardener is to get regular bodywork.  You’ll sleep better, think better, move more easily, and can avoid pain altogether unless you’re actually injured. That improved sleep and decreased pain will aid your digestion, and even help your skin! And, better still, the improved body awareness from getting regular bodywork helps prevent injury.  That keeps you doing what you love to do….