Just A Little Difference

Posted on September 1, 2013 By

Sometimes, massage can do more for you than your doctors can.  Not always, to be sure, and not for everything, but sometimes…..

Recently, a client came to me who has suffered low back pain for years.  Two of the discs that separate the vertebrae in his lumbar spine have pretty much disintegrated, leaving him with pain, and pressure. (The discs between L4-L5, and L5-S1). He gets shots there, which help a little, but he’s had pain every day for years.

During the course of his massage, I introduced a technique I’d learned from my recent Cranio-Sacral studies that is intended to de-compress L5-S1. It was a minor addition; not part of my regular massage.  But that  minor addition made a huge difference for my client. Even during the massage he said that he felt a release in pressure that had been there for years.

Using my hands, and the knowledge I’ve gained through study and continuing education, I created change in his body.  And that change eliminated, even if only temporarily, some enduring pain.  Even several hours later,  he told me that for the first time in three years …. that part of his back was pain free.

No, that one massage didn’t cure the problem.  Btu then again, those shots (repeated) didn’t cure the problem either.  With with repeat sessions, however, it is possible to reduce the pain he lives with considerably, and without drugs that have negative side effects.