Special Packages


Zero Balancing Sequences

Zero Balancing works best when it starts with three sessions one week apart. Thereafter, two more sessions two weeks apart can really help your body (mind and heart) get used to living and staying in balance.  To help make that easier on you, I’ve created three Zero Balancing Sequences so that you can take advantage of a discount.  You can purchase your sequence online by following the links below:

1  A full ZB Sequence of Five Sessions (save 10%)
2.  Beginning Sequence of Three Sessions (save $20.00)
3. The Cautious Client ZB Completion – the last 2 of a series of three, for those who prefer to try one session before committing to all three. (save $10.00)

Personal Balancing Sequence

Balance your body mind and spirit through a sequence of bodywork sessions, using Zero Balancing CranioSacral Therapy Massage Reiki and Chakra Balancing. It is particularly good for helping your body release the emotions and held issues that lead to anxiety and depression and for recovering from some kinds of trauma and addiction. The full sequence would cost $675 if scheduled individually. With the card you save $75.00 — and save $15.00 per session on any additional sessions within a 4 month period.

The full series involves at least 10 sessions, the first four of which should be no more than one week apart.  I will customize your sequence specifically to your needs, but an average sequence will involve 3 Zero Balancing Sessions, 2-3 CranioSacral Sessions, 2-3 Reiki and/or Chakra Balancing Sessions and at least one massage.

The first session will be 90 minutes, and will be $100.00. The remaining hour long sessions decrease in price as follows: Session 2: $70.00, Session 3: $65, Sessions 4 and 5: $60, Session 6 and 7: $55, Session 8: $50, Session 9: $45, then the tenth is $40. All subsequent sessions you choose to enjoy within a four month period will be $50.00 per hour.  Any session that goes over the allotted hour will be charged at the hourly rate (so a $60.00 session that actually ran an hour and 15 minutes will be $75.00).

You can book your first Session and start your sequence here: