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Bodywork Bliss

What could be better than a weekly bodywork session? Discounts for giving yourself the boost of better sleep, ease of movement, and faster healing!
For a mere $250.00 each month*, you can receive 4 (four) one hour bodywork sessions AND receive discounts on additional sessions or extending your sessions to ninety minutes!
*Charged automatically to your credit card.


Basic Bodywork Booster

A monthly bodywork session can keep you in the groove of moving more easily, sleeping better, and hurting less. This membership helps keep you in that groove with a reduced price for bodywork when you commit to coming every month! Your first 60 minute session is included in the  $65.00 monthly membership price; and up to three additional sessions each month of between 45-90 minutes are 10% off when you have your membership charged directly to your credit card!

*If you miss your monthly session, you'll have credit toward extra sessions the next month.


Delightful Discount Membership

Keep your body in top condition by receiving regular bodywork. Whether you choose massage, Zero Balancing, CranioSacral Therapy or a combination, receiving regular work helps to improve recovery times after exercise, reduce pain, and increase and maintain range of motion.

For a mere $20.00 per month*, receive a 15% discount on your first 60 minute session, and a 10% discount on every qualified body work session you receive during the month.

*charged automatically to your credit card.